A just economy works for everyone.  Across a wide range of issues, including health care, labor rights, a living wage and fair benefits, Economic Justice strives toward a society predicated on fairness, equality and opportunity.   

Economic Justice meets on a biweekly basis at the AFSC Meeting Room at 2 Conz Street in Northampton.  Our meetings start at 7 pm and typically run for an hour.  Meetings are opportunities for individual members to update the group on their efforts and to plan and organize future actions.

In recent months we have narrowed our focus to health care.  Our health care-related actions have been directed at the national, state and local level.  Most recently we helped the  passage of a Northampton City Council resolution in support of the “Improved Medicare for All” bill, which is currently in the Massachusetts legislature.  

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Team Leader: Dan Marotta
Meetings: Monthly At Resistance Center: 2 Conz St, Northampton, MA

Next meeting November 27,2017 @ 7PM

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