The Human Rights Team focuses on Immigration, Reproductive, Racial, LGBTQIA+, Women, Disability… HUMAN Rights. Unfortunately these rights are under attack both locally and nationally. We know that discrimination against anyone holds us all back and so we work to engage the community with issues that can help us stop policy changes that negatively impact human rights and more importantly create policy that enhances human rights for EVERYONE!  

For the last few months the Human Rights Team has been focusing on the Safe Community Act. This proposed bill in the Massachusetts Legislature would stop MA police officers from detaining immigrants for no reason besides their immigration status. It would also prohibit the creation of a registry based on religion (i.e. a Muslim Registry). The Human Rights Team has been writing letters, making phone calls, attending hearings and visiting representatives to make sure it is clear that we believe that immigrant communities should not live in fear of the police.


There has been a recent triumph for the Safe Communities Act. The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled that police officers have no authority to detain immigrants on the basis of federal civil immigration detainers (requests from the federal government to detain immigrants) under state or federal law. While this enforces much of the Safe Community Act, we will keep working to ensure that all of the Safe Community Act becomes law.

As our group focuses on so many issues, we are flexible and constantly ready to work on other issues as they come under attack. Forefront on our minds right now is the rights of Transgendered citizens and their ability to serve their country in the military, despite the discriminatory remarks of the president.

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Team Leader’s: Molly Pratt, Evan Kuras
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