Defending Liberal Democratic Institutions from Corrosive Policies

In the era Trump, our basic liberal democratic institutions and norms are under threat.   Voting rights, freedom of expression,  equality under the law, privacy rights, and basic institutional norms are under threat.  The Protecting Democracy team works engage the community with issues to protect basic American values from being eroded.  

The purpose of the Indivisible Noho  Protecting Democracy group is to find up to date information related to the goal of protecting our core American democratic values, find specific actions citizens can take to influence policy relating to these values, and to distribute this information to the larger Indivisible Noho network.

Every meeting, each member of the group will present one news item and an accompanying plan for effective action.  After each member presents, the group will collectively decide which two issues to share with the wider Indivisible Group.  We will strive to provide information that is credibly sourced, and to connect our issues to the actions of credible advocacy groups.  We will also strive to get up to date information contact information to relevant local and federal legislators.  The responsibility for writing the Facebook post will be shared among members of the group.

More Info

Team Leader: Aaron Washington
Where: Packard’s Bar Northampton, MA every other Wednesday
Meetings: as needed

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