Accidental Anarchist at Forbes Library

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One man’s remarkable journey from diplomat to anarchist

Carne Ross took an assignment to the United Kingdom’s mission at the United Nations in New York in 1997. He viewed it as a chance to work to make the world better and safer. In the end, it didn’t quite work out that way. Accidental Anarchist tells the story of Ross’s journey from career diplomat to running his own NGO dedicated to advising representatives of non-states. And it tells the story of how a war-torn feminist-ecologist-anarchist society can be a real alternative to capitalism and the current national structure.

Ross witnessed the events of 9/11 from his Manhattan apartment. He witnessed – and participated in – the false narrative his government pursued in response to those events. He discovered he needed to find a better way.

Accidental Anarchist follows Ross on his quest to find that better way. His journey takes him to locations as diverse as Wall Street, rural Spain, and the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria. Along the way, he meets community organizers, farm workers, and women fighting for a wholly-free society. And Noam Chomsky.

Originally shown on BBC4’s Storyville, Cara Glynn & John Archer’s film follows Ross, but the story is much larger than one person’s growth. The feminist-ecologist-anarchist democracy of Rojava that is the denouement of Accidental Anarchist sets an unparalleled example of cooperation and egalitarianism.

What Carne Ross discovers – that government of the people, by the people, and for the people is possible if the people create it – is a practical lesson in what we can accomplish when we are Indivisible.

Accidental Anarchist is playing on February 14th at 6:30pm at the Forbes Library, 20 West Street, Northampton.

The screening is sponsored by the Northampton Committee to Stop War. It is free and accessible, and a discussion will follow.


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