Stronger Together

Here is a directory of progressive action groups located in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. We are working together to Inform, Activate, Educate & Organize

2Degrees at Green Neighbors

Where: Northampton
Contact: Marty Nathan

Weekly daytime calling group and monthly dinners. Environmental justice, climate change, and Indivisible agenda.

Good Neighbor Project

Contact: Lynn Bowmaster

Building community connections. Lawn signs. Health care and civil/human rights.

Florence Resist

Where: Florence
Contact: Jane Myers

Monthly meetings in Florence, open group and as two subgroups (health care, civil/human rights).

Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution

Where: Greenfield
Contact: David Cohen
Bram Moreinis

Monthly full group meeting, and task forces.

Badass Activists in the Pioneer Valley

Where: Northampton
Contact: Hannah Gyovai
Chelsea Kline

Weekly meetings in Northampton focused on progressive political action at local, state and national level. Sign up for weekly action list email and local announcements at

Indivisible Pathways to Justice

Where: Northampton
Contact: Beth Lev
Hari Kumar

Meetings in Northampton, open to all in Western Mass. Open meetings twice a month. Subteams meet every other week.

Indivisible Noho

Where: Northampton
Contact: Debby Pastrich-Klemer

Regular meetings in every other Monday at Pathways to Justice Co-housing, 25 Mountain Laurel Path, Florence MA 01062; open to all.

Hyperlocal Hyperactivists

Where: Northampton
Contact: Lilly Lombard

Neighborhood-based (South St) group of women and teen girls.

Indivisible Williamsburg

Where: Williamsburg
Contact: Dan Lederer

Weekly meetings Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm at the Helen E James School building 2nd floor.

Mothers Out Front

Where: Amherst
Contact: Andra Rose
Sarah Partan

Addressing the need for immediate and substantial actions to address climate change

Our 413 Revolution

Where: Western Mass
Contact: Karen Lee
Nancy Stenberg

Chapter of Our Revolution, next iteration of Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Paradise Action Huddle

Where: Northampton
Contact: Shelley Schieffelin
Lisa Barondes

Monthly meetings + Monday morning calling group at Lathrop House.

Parsons Street Indivisible

Where: Northampton
Contact: Wendy Robinson

Regular meetings in Northampton, open to all.

Pioneer Valley Action

Where: Easthampton
Contact: Sara Weinberger
Price Armstrong

Monthly meetings in Easthampton, open to all in Western Mass.

Pioneer Valley Women's March

Where: Pioneer Valley
Contact: Lindsay Sabadosa

Mobilized by Women’s March, meets and organizes to work toward justice for all women.

Progressive Pioneer Valley

Where: Pioneer Valley
Contact: Aron Goldman

Chapter of statewide group Progressive MA, open to all in Western MA.

Rise Up MA Indivisible

Where: Longmeadow
Contact: Jackie Neiman

Regular meetings in Longmeadow, focus on first Congressional District; open to all.

Ultra-Violet--Western MA chapter

Where: Western MA
Contact: Risa Silverman

Women’s social and economic justice issues.

Valley Inspired Youth

Where: Pioneer Valley

Meetings across Pioneer Valley, open to all middle school and high school youth.

413 Action

Where: Pioneer Valley
Contact: Sabine Merz

Facebook only group, posts actions in Pioneer Valley

413 Staying Connected

Where: Northampton
Contact: Elizabeth Silver

Email list (courtesy of Northampton Democratic City Committee) for events.

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