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Hearing on  Bills H.3395/S.1849

Need Action Now.

  • They will be heard in the Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities Committee on September 19, 2017
  • Please take these three important steps:
  1. FIND OUT WHO YOUR LEGISLATORS ARE AND THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION: go to our elected officials button on this site, and look up your State Representative, and State Senator.
  2. SUBMIT Testimony to the committee chairs by copying, pasting, and personalizing the letter below.
  3. Send the committee members the letter, or emails (addresses listed on the letters.)
  4. Send a copy to your State legislators, and to
  5. Call your State Representative, and Senator to follow up on your e-mail or letter.
  6. Ask a friend to do the same.

This letter explains the bills,

Copy/Paste and modify…

Senator Michael Barrett

Co-Chair,  Joint Committee on Telecommunication, Utilities and Energy

State House

Boston, MA 02133

Representative Thomas Golden

Co-Chair,  Joint Committee on Telecommunication, Utilities and Energy

State House

Boston, MA 02133

Support of H.3395/S.1849: Transition Massachusetts to 100 percent renewable energy

Dear Chairperson Barrett, Chairperson Golden and members of the Committee,

I am writing to request that you give a favorable report to S.1849/H.3395, An Act to transition Massachusetts to 100 percent renewable energy.

The movement to transition to 100% renewable energy has taken off in Massachusetts. Within the last years, not only is there widespread support for this bill, but many cities and towns have created 100% renewable energy campaigns,  with  support and encouragement from Environment MA, Mass Power Forward, Climate Action Now, Mothers Out Front, Mass Climate Action Network, 350 Mass, Clean Water Action, Inidvisible Northampton,  and many other groups. And on a larger scale, hundreds of US municipalities have pledged to move to renewables by 2035.

This bill lays the groundwork and plan of action for Massachusetts to achieve 100% renewable energy.  Among its provisions H.3395/S.1849 includes the following:

  • Creates an aggressive formula for increasing the renewable portfolio standard which achieves 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and 100% in all sectors by 2050.
  • provides education, training, and job and economic development for energy efficiency, energy conservation and clean energy technology.
  • provides methods and mechanisms for research, implementation, development and regular review and re-evaluation/assessment of needed projects and project efficiency and productivity.
  • improves the quality of life and economic well-being of all Massachusetts residents, with an emphasis on communities and populations that have been disproportionately affected by pollution and high costs under our energy system, hereby including climate justice principles.
  • increases local, municipal and renewable energy and local energy projects.
  • prioritizes energy education, training, job development, project development, implementation, energy systems all within the state, positively implementing economic growth and good jobs statewide.
  • increases energy security by reducing our reliance on imported sources of energy and maximizing renewable energy production in Massachusetts and in our region.

This bill is a lifeline for the future of our state, nation and planet. Please do everything you can to support it. Thank you for your consideration of my request to give this bill a favorable report.




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