The Events Team is focused on organizing marches, speaker’s, and working with other groups in the area on events to protect democracy, our rights and our climate…

Organizing Marches gives our group a larger platform to voice our opinions about what MOC are doing to our Healthcare, democracy, environment, and other things they have tried to get away with this past year. Having a place for our group and the public to come out and March to be seen by their members of congress as constituents is important.

Having a voice, and being seen makes a difference. This is also an opportunity to collaborate with other groups in the area to show a unified front of our grassroots power. Hosting speakers that are running for, or in public office is informative, and connects them with constituents in our group meeting.  We also host informative lectures by experts on topics that pertain to Indivisible Noho’s interests.

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Team Leader: Debby Pastrich-Klemer
Meetings: as needed

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