Oppose Xenophobic Legislation in US Congress

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Call your Congressperson to oppose two xenophobic bills that would advance the Trump administration’s aggressive anti-immigrant agenda!

HR3003 (“No Sanctuary for Criminals Act”) requires local/state jurisdictions to enforce federal immigration detainer requests, and it eliminates a wide range of grants, including disaster relief, to communities that don’t comply. HR3004 (“Katie’s Law”) drastically increases penalties for immigrants convicted of unlawful reentry, doubling down on the failed policy of excessive incarceration for immigration violations.

These bills violate Massachusetts’ values of inclusion, community, and respect. And HR3003 is especially despicable considering how hard we’ve been fighting for the Safe Communities Act (which tells local/state jurisdiction NOT to enforce detainer requests).

Call your Congressperson (Jim McGovern at 413-341-8700 or Richard Neal at 413-785-0325) and urge them to fight against these bills!

Indivisible Somerville has a great call script here and check out this Politico article for more information. Thanks to MIRA for the producing this call to action!

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