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Trumpcare is Back, and you can say No.

The “American Health Care Act,” also known colloquially as Trumpcare, a bill that was seemingly dead just one month ago, is back. This time, it’s sporting a new amendment, claimed to be a compromise that will assist the bills passage.

The MacArthur amendment creates the appearance, on the surface, that the new bill will keep the rules regarding coverage for persons with pre-existing conditions. Don’t be fooled.

What this amendment really does it pass the buck: the amendment gives states the option of waiving out of several of the Affordable Care Act’s regulations, so long as they provide a reason. Acceptable reasons are rather flimsy, and don’t seem to require much in the way of supporting evidence. If all a state has to do to allow carriers there to opt out of providing the 10 Essential Health Benefits, charge sicker people higher rates, or jack up the ration of premiums for older people vs. younger ones, is simply give one reason, that may or may not be supported by any data, that represents a real threat to some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

If you want to stand up to Trumpcare 2.0, now is the time to call and write your representative. There is increasing pressure for a vote on this Friday, 4/28, in an effort to avoid a government shutdown. Reach out to your representative today and let them know how you feel about this bill.

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  • D rogowski

    Giving welfare to the rich at the expense of poor, sick, and elderly is an irephenssable act and will damn those that do it to hell! 10 years with transplanted kidney and now you say -“DIE FOR THE RICH?”

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