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As part of his policies targeting Muslims, Donald Trump has called for the creation of a Muslim registry.  A bill before the Massachusetts legislature would bar the Commonwealth from establishing any sort of registration system (process or database) for people based on religion, national origin, nationality, citizenship, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or age.

Please call your state legislators and ask them to support “An Act to protect fundamental freedoms and prohibit discriminatory registration programs” (S.787 and H.873).
To find your state legislators:

The bill has been referred to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, and it is also appropriate to call the chairs of this committee, not to lobby for the bill, but to inquire about the bill’s status and ask to be notified when it comes up for a hearing.  This lets the committee chairs know that there is interest in the bill, which makes it less likely to die in committee.
Senate chair: William N. Brownsberger (William.Brownsberger@masenate.gov617-722-1280)
House chair: Claire D. Cronin (Claire.Cronin@mahouse.gov617-722-2396)

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