Cynthia Stone Creem – DFirst Middlesex And Norfolk Senate District

110 Huntington Rd Newton, MA
(617) 722-1639

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In 1998, she became a State Senator, representing Newton, Brookline and Wellesley (Districts A, C, D and E.) She has represented the interests of her district, working tirelessly on behalf of her constituents. Throughout her time as a public official, Cindy has made education, health care and civil justice her priorities, as well as promoting economic growth both locally and statewide. As Senator, Cindy has a proud history of championing issues important to her constituency which are for the benefit of all Massachusetts residents. She has been a steadfast defender of civil rights, equality and gay marriage, and has successfully sponsored landmark legislation on food allergies and on stem cell research. Cindy has also been a strong advocate for pension and ethics reform, and for transparency in government.

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