Deborah B. Goldberg – DMassachusetts Treasurer

37 Hyslop Rd Brookline, MA
(617) 558-1800

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Deb’s great, great grandmother came half way across the world with her 11 children to the North End of Boston and opened a small grocery store. Every relative or friend who arrived was given a job and a roof over their heads. It was through that store that the families together learned the food business, and from those roots grew Stop and Shop.
At Stop and Shop Deb’s family brought in the unions themselves and created a company where thousands of people for multiple generations had jobs they could count on with good pay and good benefits. Deb worked there in high school and was a member of UFCW 1445. She later served in different executive positions after attending law school at Boston College and receiving her MBA from Harvard.
Then Stop and Shop went through a take over and Deb saw a very different corporate model, not one she could live with. She turned to public service bringing her business experience and finance background to make a difference on issues facing women, children and families.

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