Diana DiZoglio – DFirst Essex Senate District

3 John St.
Methuen, MA
(617) 722-2060
Email : Diana.DiZoglio@mahouse.gov
Website : http://votedizoglio.com/

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Born and raised in Methuen, Diana has long believed in reengaging the people in her community with the democratic process. She understands making progress requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone and requires both strength and determination. It is not easy to bring about accountability and change, but Diana knows both are needed on Beacon Hill. To Diana, there is no doubt that, with the help of the community, a difference can be made for the better in the 14th Essex District.

During her first term in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Diana has worked alongside both Democrats and Republicans on a broad host of issues. She sponsored legislation to establish a comprehensive on-campus student voter registration civic education system and delivered her maiden speech on her bill for campaign finance reform. If signed into law, this bill will ensure candidates for municipal office play by the same rules as candidates for state office regarding the ability to access a ballot as a candidate.

Diana strongly supported efforts to improve the Commonwealth’s online sex offender registry and has been a vocal proponent of reform to the EBT system. In the lead-up to the Legislature’s enactment of a final FY’14 Budget, Diana successfully advocated for the full funding of Massachusetts’ Special Education Circuit Breaker, ensuring services for children with learning disabilities will not be reduced.

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