Seth W. Moulton – DMassachusetts Congressional District 6

50 St. Peter St Salem, MA
(855) 566-8586

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Seth believes we need more service-oriented leaders in Washington who will put the people first. Following the words of his mentor, the late Rev. Peter Gomes, “Believing in the right thing is not good enough… you ought to go do it,” Seth’s career has been one of service. A Salem resident, Seth attended Marblehead public schools, Phillips Academy Andover, and Harvard College. Seth spent his summers throughout high school and college repairing boats and working on a shortline railroad in New Hampshire to help pay for school. As the student commencement speaker at his college graduation, Seth challenged his classmates to join him in committing to service.

He served four tours in Iraq as a Marine Corps infantry officer, including two as an infantry platoon commander and two as a Special Assistant to General David Petraeus. He left the Marines in 2008 with the rank of Captain, attended Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government, and worked in the private sector.

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