Suzanne M. Bump – DMassachusetts Auditor

409 North Plain Rd. Great Barrington, MA 01230
(617) 281-3633

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Auditor Bump believes that better government means government that is more effective, more efficient, more accountable and more transparent. She is determined to use the Office of the State Auditor to ensure that every dollar given to state government is a dollar well spent and that government agencies and contractors follow the rules when spending public funds.
One hundred days after being sworn in on January 19, 2011, Auditor Bump implemented a set of sweeping reforms across the Office of the State Auditor to ensure excellence in auditing. As she did so, she explained, “The Auditor’s Office must model the behavior it expects from those it audits – if officials in government and private vendors are going to respect and heed our audit findings and if the public is to have confidence that this office can be an effective watchdog and agent for change in government.”
Auditor Bump has also begun to use the resources and authority of the Office in new ways, to examine areas like the state’s system of tax breaks, credits and incentives for the business community, to identify broken systems within state government, and to determine whether state vendors who provide services ranging from health care to education are delivering the benefits the public expects. During fiscal year 2011, the Office issued 189 audit reports and disclosed $80 million in waste, cost savings opportunities and lost revenue enhancements.

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