William Francis Galvin – DMassachusetts Secretary Of State

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In his inaugural address on January 1, 1995, Secretary of the Commonwealth William Francis Galvin pledged to “seek to open as wide as possible to meaningful participation by citizens the processes that affect our daily lives.” From elections to business transactions, from warning and protecting investors to registering record numbers of voters, Secretary Galvin has constantly renewed that pledge.
Sensitive to the Commonwealth’s rich and storied history, Secretary Galvin, the chairman of the Massachusetts Historical Commission, has overseen the awards of preservation grants to sites in numerous communities, and a grant program that helps cities and towns preserve their historical records. Because, as he said in his inaugural, “I know that if that heritage is not preserved now it will be lost to future generations.”
Besides being the Commonwealth’s chief elections officer, Galvin is one of the state’s premier election law specialists, an experience that helped prompt him to decertify the Votomatic punch card system in Massachusetts three years before its notoriety in Florida.

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