Defending Liberal Democratic Institutions from Corrosive Policies

In the era Trump, our basic liberal democratic institutions and norms are under threat.   Voting rights, freedom of expression,  equality under the law, privacy rights, and basic institutional norms are under threat.  The Protecting Democracy team works engage the community with issues to protect basic American values from being eroded.  

The purpose of the Indivisible Noho  Protecting Democracy group is to find up to date information related to the goal of protecting our core American democratic values, find specific actions citizens can take to influence policy relating to these values, and to distribute this information to the larger Indivisible Noho network.

We spend team meetings discussing proposals for team actions, such as the ACLU sponsored Courtwatch Project, and researching possibilities for future team actions.

More Info

Team Leader: Roswell Angier
Meetings: Every other Wednesday, 7:30 PM (Check the newsletter under “News and Events” for dates)
Where: Upstairs at Packard’s Bar Northampton, MA

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